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How To Get Perfect Skin For Your Wedding Day
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How To Get Perfect Skin For Your Wedding Day

March 8, 2017 Written By: Alisha Whitley
Wedding season is approaching and as a bride-to-be, you’ve already picked your dream dress, a stunning venue and the perfect shade of posies. With six months to spare, now is the best time to prepare your skin for the big day. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are our tips for how to get flawless skin for your wedding.1. PLUMP & HYDRATEDermatologist Dr. Ryan Turner tellsBridal Guidethat he advises brides to start using a product that contains vitamins C and E six weeks before the wedding, saying these ingredients “help repair damage, working together to boost collagen and elastin production and leaving your skin with visibly improved firmness and elasticity”.

Éminence Sweeps DAYSPA Professional’s Choice Awards


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4 Ways To Soothe Dry Winter Skin.

4 Ways To Soothe Dry Winter Skin
It happens every year - brutal winter weather whips around your skin until it’s raw and dry. Chilling winds, low temperatures, and indoor heating - if your skin isn’t fully irritated by winter conditions, it’s at the very least in a bad mood. To combat the dreaded dry face, we’ve got four ways to soothe your winter skin, restore moisture, and protect it from further damage:Forced-air heaters blast the moisture out of skin during winter-time, stripping important oils and often resulting in itchy skin.

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